Ceramic 3D printing technology unveiled at Ceramic Fair

Updated: 2016-11-01

  NANCHANG, Oct. 19 (Xinhua) -- A ceramic 3D printing technology was unveiled at the ongoing 2016 Jingdezhen Ceramic Fair.

  It only takes three hours to produce a ceramic piece through the 3D printing method -- much faster than traditional handcrafting.

  Zeng Shu, chief engineer at Jingdezhen Innov-Source Industrial High-Tech Co. Ltd., said they spent 15 years developing the 3D printing equipment.

  "Traditional porcelain clay cannot be used in 3D printing. Therefore, we remixed the clay's components," Zeng said. "The success rate for current 3D printing technology can reach about 70 percent."

  The technology allows ordinary people without ceramics training to design and produce their own ceramic wares.

  "Technological development has made ceramics more accessible for young people. More young people will enjoy the craft," said Duan Zhenmin, a ceramics expert from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, known as China's ceramics capital.

  The technology will also help spread traditional ceramic crafts and culture in schools.


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