Updated: 2011-09-15

  Entering the new century, Jiangxi has insisted on acquiring and implementing the scientific development concept, and worked out the thinking on development, namely taking industrialization as a kernel, opening up as the main strategy, promoting industrialization, relying on industrial park for developing industry. While speeding up industrialization and urbanization, Jiangxi unswervingly takes ecology-friendly environment as the base on which to build up the province. Insisting on the concept of "clear water and verdant mountains are as good as gold and silk mountains", the province strengthens environmental protection and ecological improvement with great effort.

  In 2009, the province's GDP hit 758.92 billion yuan, up 13.1% year on year, increasing above 13% for the three years running. GDP per capita was 17,185 yuan. The total revenue was 92.87 billion yuan, up 13.7%.


  Implements a strategy for new pattern of industrialization, Jiangxi nurtures and develops industries with Jiangxi characteristics, such as optoelectronic industry, high-precision copper-rod, high-grade and special steel products, special car and ship, precision machinery, bio-medication, particular chemical industry, green food, holiday-making tourism, and new-pattern service.

  In 2009, the province's value added of industries reached 317.01 billion yuan, value added of secondary industry 389.03 billion yuan, accounting for 51.2% of its GDP. This indicates that Jiangxi has been transformed from agricultural province into industrial province.

  Jiangxi industry created many China's firsts. The new China's first aircraft, first wheeled tractor, first motorcycle, and first coast-defense missile were manufactured here. A series of Phoenix camera occupy the largest share of domestic market. Guixi copper smelter is the biggest in China and Dexing copper mine is Asia's largest one. With its porcelain renowned around the world, Jingdezhen is called the porcelain capital of the world. Ganzhou has formed a collection of tungsten industry with output value of more than 10 billion yuan.

  During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, Jiangxi will give impetus to the construction of three industrial bases with main business receipts over 100 billion yuan: Yingtan will be built as China's largest copper smelting base, copper product processing base and copper industrial logistics center; Nanchang as copper refining and new material base; Xinyu and Fuzhou as photovoltaic industry base; Xinyu steel, Nanchang steel and Pingxiang steel will be constructed as three exquisite iron and steel bases.

  Jiangxi has become a manufacturing base of China's "Jetliner project" by its advanced aviation industry foundation. In the first batch of 9 domestic suppliers of the "Jetliner project", Jiangxi is the only province having two suppliers of aircraft body. Hongdu Aviation Industry Corporation was given the tasks to research and manufacture front and middle sections of the fuselage, which accounted for 25% share of the aircraft body. Changhe Aircraft got the task of research and production of flap and wing parts. In 2009, Jiangxi Provincial People's Government and the Chinese Aviation Industry Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and held the ground-breaking ceremony of the Nanchang Aviation Industry City in Nanchang. Both plan to invest 30 billion yuan in the construction of Nanchang Aviation Industry City covering about 25 square kilometer, including Hongdu Aviation Industry Group, the Hongdu Commercial Aircraft, Nanchang General Aircraft, aviation and technology development and other related industries. By 2018, the aviation industry city can have a turnover of 100 billion yuan, becoming an "engine" of Jiangxi rise.  

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