Jiangxi Opera

Updated: 2008- 08- 19


  Jiangxi Opera, is one of the four oldest traditional operas of China,also called "Yiyangqiang" or "Ganju", originated in Yiyang county of Jiangxi Province.  It had two schools called "raoheban" and "xinheban", which combined together in 1950. After entering Nanchang, the provincial capital city, and with the establishment of Jiangxi Opera Troupe, "yiyangqiang" was renamed Jiangxi opera.

  "Yiyangqiang" is a bright pearl in the drama history of china. After its birth, it enchanted the whole drama platform quickly and unprecedented, leaving an unforgettable impression to us. It created a new form of Chinese drama and turned a new leaf in Chinese drama history. "Yiyangqiang" has many singing forms such as "Tuge", "Bangqiang" and "gundiao", matching with gong and drum, ardent and vehement. Its direct, bold, unconstrained and lively characteristics were very popular in hard working people. The free acting style and loud and sonorous tunes were formed in the rigorous social reality. Since Nan song Dynasty, Yiyang County and its neighbor areas were always in war and famine. It was the serious living crisis that created the loud and sonorous tunes of "Yiyangqiang". Many Chinese local operas are greatly influenced by its tunes and acting style. "Yiyangqiang" was listed into "The Intangible Cultural Heritage in China" in 20th May,2006.