Old Village with Fascinating Dramas

Updated: 2010- 03- 23

Children have grown up with listening to these dramas.

Everywhere in the old village is the big platform for the troupe.

Each passage is fascinating
At early summer, in front of an old building built in Ming Dynasty, the players of Qunyi troupe of Luoshan village in County are playing dramas for local villagers. The former troupe was a 50-year-old peasant Tea Picking troupe, over twenty peasant players loved traditional art, and determined to inherit and protect traditional art. In recent years, They organized and performed on their own over thirty dramas, such as Qin Xianglian Girl Sold Flowers and Cai Yuan he went to the capital; they are very active and popular in the villages, and the accumulated number of performances was more than 2,000 times, and spectators added up to 600,000.