Ganju Opera Troupe of Jiangxi Province

Updated: 2010- 03- 23


  Set up in January 1953, the Troupe has presented original works of Story of Revival, Story of Pearl, Story of the West Chamber, Traveling in the Western Regions, all well-known classical dramas. Since the 1980s, many excellent plays have been created, such as the Gaoqiang Oratorio Story of Revival which won the second prize of performance at the Second Chorus Festival in Beijing. Stealing Herb won prizes of excellent performance and program at the 1stChina Drama Festival. Well-known classical operas Story of Thorn Hairpin won the 1stWenhua Grand Award, individual libretto and performing awards, also won awards for excellent performance and program at the 2ndChina Drama Festival; among others, Injustice to Dou E, The Dream of Han Dan, The Story of Purple Hairpin and Night Reading in Book House displayed refined artistry. Young actress Chen Li who plays Dan has gained the 8thPlum Blossom Award of China Dramas.

  The Troupe was invited to the Divine Land Artistic Festival in Hong Kong 1992, followed by the performances of the local opera in Singapore in 1993 and 1995, with remarkable popularity.

  The leading artists under the troupe are Chen Li, Huang Wenxi, Liu Anqi and Xiong Hua.