Pingxiang Municipal Caicha Opera Troupe

Updated: 2010- 03- 23


        The Trope was set up in 1952 on the basis of the former Local Opera Troupe of Pingxiang City. Over the past 40 years, more than 100 original works that reflected the modern and contemporary lives have been presented. Of them, the main repertoire includes: An Yuan on Strike, Shooting Birds, Peddling, Stockade Village Coming Red, Reed-Flower Bay, The Trading Story of Niu Erbao, The Romance in the Oil Hill and Fan Lihua Defeating Lu Zhishen for Honesty. The play of Reed-Flower Bay won the 1stprize of Excellent Drama Art Works at the celebration of the founding of the PR China held by the People's Government of Jiangxi Province; The Trading Story of Niu Erbao won several awards at the 1stJade Tea Flower Drama Festival in Jiangxi Province as well as the 1stprize of performance at the 3rdAzalea Folk Drama Festival in Hunan Province; The Romance in the Oil Mill won five 1stprizes in all of libretto, directing, performing, music and stage design at the 4thJade Tea Flower Drama Festival in Jiangxi Province, as well as the excellent program prize of the Ministry of Culture, Wenhua grand award, Cao Yu Drama and Literature Award. The actress Zhao Yiqing won Wenhua Prize and the 14thPlum Blossom Award of Drama.
  The leading players of the Troupe are Zhao Yiqing, Yong Kaiquan, Hu Miao, Pi Ke, Song Hua, Deng Guangxi and Xiao Song.