Tea-picking Opera

Updated: 2010- 03- 23


  The Gannan Tea-picking Opera originated on Mount Jiulong, Anyuan County, Jiangxi Province over three hundred years ago. It was popular in southern Jiangxi Province, northern Guangdong Province and western Fujian Province.
  Developed from local folk dances and songs, the Gannan Tea-picking Opera representative of all tea-picking operas in Jiangxi. The opera is humorous and portrays people's daily lives.
  The Hakk alive in southern Jiangxi Province and make a living picking tea leaves. The Tea-picking Opera uses strong rural flavor and elements of Hakka culture in its performances. This has made it popular among the Hakka. After the establishment of the PRC, some of the plays from the Tea-picking Opera were adapted into television shows or movies.
  The Gannan Tea-picking Opera is very important for the study of language, art, folk culture and customs. Nowadays, there are less and less people interested in learning how to perform the Gannan Tea-picking Opera, so it is in great need of protection.