Peking Opera performances launched in Nanchang

Updated: 2013- 11- 21

  The Beijing Peking Opera Theater troupe delivered a series of performances of Peking Opera in Nanchang-based Arts Center of Jiangxi Province on the evening of November 6, 2013. Present at the Peking Opera gala were Mr. Qiang Wei, Secretary of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee, Mr. Huang Yuejin, Chairman of the CPPCC Jiangxi Province, Zhao Zhiyong, Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee member and Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee secretary general, Zhu Hong, vice governor of Jiangxi and Zhang Baifa, former member of Beijing Municipality Party Committee and former vice mayor of Beijing.

  The Peking Opera performers were famous artists from the Beijing Peking Opera Theater, who demonstrated widespread Peking Opera excerpts, including Heroines of the Yang Family” by Hou Yu, the National Peking Opera Competition Outstanding Performance Award winner, “The Orphan of Zhao” by Mu Yu, the National Peking Opera Competition Gold Award winner, “The Story of Red Lamp” by Zhang Yun, the National Peking Opera Competition Gold Award winner,  Zha Mei An” (Legal Case of Chen Shimei) by Li Xiaopei, the challenged of the National Peking Opera Challenge Match,  Da Longpao (Beating the Emperor’s Robe) by Shen Wenli, State First-Class Artist, “Lv Bu and Diao Chan” by Bao Fei, State First-Class Artist, China Opera Competition Plum Blossom Gold Award winner, and “A Trousseau Bag” (Suo Lin Nang) by Chi Xiaoqiu, the foremost disciple of the Cheng School, Plum Blossom Award and Wenhua Award winner. The artists' professional and superb performances earned applause from the audience.

 (Source: The official website of the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province)