The Brief Introduction to Jiangxi Education

Updated: 2016- 08- 24

Since ancient times, there has been numerous talents emerging in Jiangxi province which has a long history of education. The academy system was derived from here. During the long period from Song Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty(more than 800 years), Jiangxi academies’ number, scales, history and influences were listed at the top of China. Jiangxi’s education in soviet revolutionary bases and the communist labor university establishment after the founding of new China were unique in the history of China’s educational development.

Guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of Three Representing” and the objective - realizing Jiangxi’s prosperity, comprehensively constructing well-off society, the province’s education system, which has established and implemented the scientific development concept, has done a good job on updating the ideology, innovating system, transforming mechanism, optimizing the environment and gathering talents under the leadership of provincial party committee and provincial government since the beginning of reform and opening up, especially in recent years. Meanwhile, it has comprehensively promoted the reform and development of Jiangxi education and has done a good job on providing people with good education. All these efforts have achieved cheerful new result.

From 2000 to 2005, the population rates of “9-year compulsory education” rose from 91.79% to 96.67%. In high middle schools, the gross enrollment rates rose from 39% to 60.4% and the students’ number increased from 608,000 to 1,492,100. In 2004, we comprehensively started the “excellent high middle schools construction project” and innovated the investing and financing mechanism as well.

Vocational education has developed rapidly. In 2005, the secondary vocational schools enrolled 280,500 students. The enrollment rates between the secondary vocational schools and the regular high middle schools rose to 47.3:52.7. The students’ number in the secondary vocational schools reached 644,100. All kinds of private education have developed healthily.

The scales of the private education have greatly increased. Its growth volume exceeded the previous 20 years’ sum. All kinds of private schools and educational institutions have reached 6,192 with 3.45 billion yuan in total assets and 1,019,100 students.  Higher education has also speedily developed. There are 66 Regular Higher Educatioin Institutions in Jiangxi province, including 20 universities. The university enrollment rates have risen from 35% to 60%. The gross enrollment rates of higher education have risen from 9.13% to 20.43%, the students’ number of regular institutions of higher learning has increased from 144,300 to 648,400. Nanchang College District Construction starting at the end of 2002 created a miracle in the history of Jiangxi college construction. The universities’ teaching condition has had a historical change. The school has 291 specialties authorized to confer master's degree, 249 specialties authorized to confer doctor's degree in our province. We established 2 national level key disciplines, 2 national level key laboratories, 2 national level engineering technology centers, 1 Technology Park of national university, 35 provincial level key laboratories and 45 provincial level engineering technology centers. The talents of universities expanded continuously, a group of academic leaders now come to the fore. The universities’ research capabilities further enhance the social economic capacity. Our province has established the modern national educational system’s basic frame that takes the higher education as the main item, based on9-year compulsory education and focusing on the common development of vocational education and adult education. Therefore, a new developing mode that concerns on the exist of both academic education and non-academic education, the combination of pre-vocation education and post-vocation education, the merger of regular education and vocational education has been formed. The province's education strength has significantly enhanced. It is playing an ever-greater role in improving the quality of citizens, developing human resources, fostering human capital and serving for Jiangxi’s economic and social progress.