Scenery of "crop-drying season of autumn" in Wuyuan County, Jiangxi

Updated: 2021- 12- 06

With midwinter approaching, the last touch of autumn is still reluctant to leave Huangling Village in Wuyuan County, east China's Jiangxi Province. The whole village presents a splendid color about autumn, with red peppers being sun-dried in bamboo flat baskets in the courtyards and yellow pumpkins dotted in the vegetable gardens, which are crisscrossed by fiery red maple leaves and the black tiled roofs and white walls of houses.

Huangling Village is very famous for its scenery in late autumn when local farmers sun-drying their crops, or "shai qiu" as it is called in Chinese, meaning "crop-drying season of autumn" After autumn harvests, all the villagers are busy drying the crops in open places such as courtyards and open areas in front of houses.