Gross Export Volume of Jiangxi has Ranked First in Central Areas for the Past Continuous Six Years

Updated: 2014-01-06

   From January to September, the growth of Jiangxis main indexes has been higher than the national average. Its commercial development has picked up speed, marked by stable increase in utilization of foreign investment, provincial export, provincial social consumables and port freight, rapid growth in utilization of capital in other provinces, foreign investment, expatriate labor and contracted projects in other countries, over-speed increase in foreign trade export and export structure.

  In the previous three quarters, Jiangxis utilization of the foreign investment witnessed stable growth, of which 5.57 billion US dollars were in actual use, with an increase of 9.1%, ranking 13th nationwide and 3rd in central area. Its provincial export reached 22.64 billion US dollars, an increase of 18.3%. Its export volume has ranked 1st for six months in the central area, and 12th nationwide. The retailing amount of its provincial consumables is expected to increase around 13.3%. Port freight has also experienced stable growth.

  Jiangxis utilization of capital in other provinces is characterized by rapid growth. From January to September, actual investment of projects above 50 million yuan in other provinces reached 275.82 billion yuan, increased by 24.1%. Foreign investment has grown rapidly. Jiangxis direct foreign investment reached 290 million US dollars, increased by 11.5%. Expatriate labor has grown significantly, with the provincial expatriate labor reaching 3,617, an increase of 23.6%. Contracted projects in other countries have also witnessed rapid growth. From January to September, the provincial turnover reached 1.62 billion US dollars, an increase of 34%. Nanchang Airport inbound and outbound travelers have increased rapidly, reaching 152,000, an increase of 80.76%.

  From January to September, Jiangxis foreign trade export finished 81.7% of the annual goal, exceeding the original plan by 6.7%. Its export structure has been constantly optimized, marked by fast growth in four sectors: firstly, emerging market export surpassed that of the traditional market. Jiangxis export to ASEAN has reached 4.39 billion US dollars, increased by 85.3%, more than 1.39 billion US than that to EU. This further highlights the ASEANs role as the biggest export market to Jiangxi since this March. Secondly, the general trade has grown faster than processing trade, with the former reaching 17.52 billion US dollars, increased by 49.4%. Thirdly, electrical products export outnumbered resources-based products, with the former increased by 17.4%. Fourth, privately-owned enterprises grew faster than foreign-invested and state-owned enterprises, with the former exporting 15.74 billion US dollars, an increase of 26.3%, and accounting for 76.7% of the provincial total.

  Its learned though National Bureau of Statistics of China has not yet issued the exact statistics, its projected that September is likely to be highest in social consumables retailing amount growth in Jiangxi Province.

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