New energy vehicles gain ground thanks to govt's strong support

Updated: 2017-11-21


    CHINA WILL ROLL OUT A NEW TYPE OF NUMBER PLATE for new energy vehicles nationwide next year. The Ministry of Public Security announced the move on Sunday. Beijing Youth Daily comments:

  The car plates have already been piloted in five cities. They are easily distinguishable as they are light green. They also have six digits. This is one more than the blue license plates of conventional cars. This means there is a larger number capacity. This shows the government's resolve to promote new energy cars in the foreseeable future.

  The government is supporting their use. There are already 1 million new energy cars on China's roads today. That number is expected to grow. It is anticipated that more traffic administration policies regarding the new energy cars will be introduced to encourage their use. The new number plates are thus a necessary preparation for the future.

  Supportive government policies are expected to include toll discounts and more charging posts and stations. The construction of these is to be through public-private partnerships.

  More important though are batteries. More efficient batteries are needed to encourage more drivers to use new energy vehicles. The car manufacturers need to develop batteries that allow a greater range. Durable batteries and enhanced interior design and functions will provide users with a better driving experience.

  The new energy car makers should build up their brand images and offer products that can compete with conventional cars. Doing so will encourage more people to choose new energy cars.

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