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  Zhangyong,male,ethnic han,borin in October 1960,native of Xinyu,Jiangxi province.He began working in December 1974 and joined the CPC in June 1984.He got the PhD degree in economics.

  He is the secretary general of the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province.

  Responsible for the daily work of the provincial government. To assist in the work of letters and visits, emergency management, policy research.

  Assist in charge of the provincial government office, the provincial government research room. In charge of foreign offices,

  the provincial government counseling room (cultural history museum).

  Coordinate the work of monitoring and auditing.

  Contact the Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee Office,

  the Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference Office, Xinhua News Agency Jiangxi Branch, People's Daily Jiangxi Branch,

  China Central Jiangxi TV station, the Central People's Broadcasting Station Jiangxi reporter station.

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