Premier Li inspects Nanchang Aviation City

Updated: 2019-11-16

  Premier Li Keqiang visited Nanchang Aviation City on the morning of Nov 15. He encouraged workers at an assembly plant, where C919, the first China-made large aircraft, was assembled.

  “You will build a safe and comfortable large aircraft, and they will fly to the sky from your hands,” Premier Li said.

  Premier Li examined the materials, equipment and craftsmanship of the assembly. He told the quality inspection staff that the most important thing for passenger aircraft is safety, adding that only absolute safety could establish credibility and win the market.

  At the plant’s vocational skills training center, Premier Li watched the training sessions for different staff members and had a friendly conversation with the technicians.

  He said that the quality of aircraft manufacturing is a matter of people’s safety, and depends on high-level professional skills and ultimate craftsmanship spirit.

  The Premier wished China's aviation to quicken its pace to become global and reach every corner of the world.

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