Cultural festival in Jiangxi to celebrate ancient philosopher Lu Jiuyuan

Updated: 2019-09-07

  To mark the 880th anniversary of the birthday of renowned Song Dynasty philosopher Lu Jiuyuan (1139-1193), a cultural tourism festival will take place in the scholar's Jinxi homecounty in East China's Jiangxi province in October.

  Better known as Lu Xiangshan, he was a pioneer in Chinese philosophy, highlighting the supremacy and self-sufficiency of the mind. He suggested this inner world of people exerted a far-reaching impact on the history of Chinese Confucianism and Chinese culture at large.

  To better protect and pass down the neo-Confucian philosopher's thoughts, academies where students learn ancient Confucian classics, temples, squares and memorial gateways have been built or renovated in and around the county in Fuzhou city.

  To warm up for the coming festival, calligraphy and photography contests as well as flash mob activities have been held from April.

  Cai Qing, vice mayor of Fuzhou city, says the event aims to promote the traditional cultural treasures of China as well as boost the development of local tourism.

  Source:China Daily

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