China's governance system impresses foreign political parties

Updated: 2019-11-22
  NANCHANG - Over 200 representatives from different political parties around the world gathered in the city of Nanchang, east China's Jiangxi Province from Wednesday to Thursday to exchange governance experience with the Communist Party of China (CPC).

  The just-concluded fourth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee reviewed major achievements in various fields and highlighted the notable strengths of China's state and governance systems, which became a major topic among the representatives.

  "China lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty," said Bjornar Selnes Skjaeran, deputy leader of the Norwegian Labor Party, noting that he was impressed by China's journey from poverty to prosperity during the past decades.

  "Not only me, I think the whole world has been impressed by how China climbed up the world's economic ladder and became the second-largest economy," said Amirah Kaca Sumarto, vice-chair of the young leaders' sisterhood of Indonesia's Golkar Party.

  Before visiting China, she had only learned about China's achievements by reading statistics. "Now I can see them with my own eyes."

  What she saw in China greatly inspired her, she said, especially how China promotes technological innovation, improves people's happiness and fights corruption.

  China has managed to formulate its own system that suits its history, culture and people, and it has proven to be effective, she said. "China is a different kind of role model compared with Western countries."

  "Every time African political parties visit China, we ask how China managed to achieve such rapid growth," said Domingos Paulino Dembele, member of the Central Committee and director of the Political Training Center of the People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola.

  It is a very difficult mission, but China made it, he said. "I think it's the result of the CPC's discipline, systems, governance capability and consistent efforts."

  The plenary session also laid out a roadmap to better turn institutional strength into even more effective governance, covering various key fields including Party leadership, rule of law, the economy and the environment, among others.

  The session is of great significance, said Khamphanh Phommathath, member of the Political Bureau of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party Central Committee, adding that the CPC has been continuously working to improve its governance capacity and system as well as sticking to its commitment to seek happiness for the people.

  Guided by the session, the CPC will achieve greater progress in governance in the future, he said.

  "China's development has set an example for us," said Mouddour Ismael, vice-chairman of the youth organization of the Nigerien Party for Democracy and Socialism.

  "We understand that China wants every country to find its own model," he said, adding that he came to China to find what can be learned from China's model.

  "The Chinese people have always been planning for the future. But this time, China is planning for the next half of the whole century," said Georgios Georgiou, vice-president of the Democratic Rally of Cyprus.

  "China is heading in the right direction," he added.

  Source:China Daily
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