"Masterpiece schoolbag" helps left-behind children in rural areas of Jiangxi, China

Updated: 2021-04-06

  NANCHANG, April 3 (Xinhua) -- "Masterpiece schoolbag" is a public welfare project launched in east China's Jiangxi Province to help left-behind children in rural areas read books.

  Zou Ziyan, a 12-year-old girl in Xiangtang Town who has benefitted from the project, said that "books provide us with equal opportunities to observe and understand the world. There are so many things that we have never seen before."

  "I can picture a vivid visual image in my mind with the wonderful combination of words. Sometimes, I feel like I can even smell it, which makes me feel that the world is shining with endless light. Even if my parents don't have time to take me out of here, I can learn the world from books", she said.

  The organizers of the project aim to raise nearly $100 million of funds to donate over 3 million literary classics to rural students in the province.

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