White Paper On Low-carbon Economy and Social Development Outline of Jiangxi Province

Updated: 2010-03-26

  Rise with the Green Tide
  White Paper On Low-carbon Economy and Social Development Outline of Jiangxi Province
  In today’s world, the survival of human beings and economic and social development of human society are constrained by energy and resources and seriously challenged by climate change. Accelerating the transformation of development model and building a low carbon economy and society has become a common consensus and an imperative for major countries in the world. It is foreseeable that the green tide driven by alternative energy and low carbon technology will have an enormous impact on the development of the whole world and the progress of human civilization. It will become yet another revolution in both the concept an pattern of development after the invention of steam engine in the 18th century, power technology in 19th century and information technology in the 20th century.
  In the advent of the green tide, major countries in the world scramble to unveil new development strategies, fortify low carbon technology and foster alternative energy industry and low carbon market to capture the commanding height in the future economic growth and occupy a vantage point in the new international political and economic landscape.
  In order to achieve the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable socioeconomic, the Chinese government set up a strategic goal of building a conservation-minded and environmentally friendly society guided by the scientific approach to development and issued China’s National Climate Change Program and China’s Policies and Actions for Addressing Climate Change. It also incorporated response to climate change into the National Plan for Social and Economic Development, regarding it as an important part of China’s three-stage strategy to achieve modernization. As a responsible nation, China will rigorously implement the Bali Roadmap and stays committed to contributing to the success of the efforts “towards a climate change agreement in Copenhagen” in accordance with United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Kyoto Protocol.
  As an inland province of China, Jiangxi boasts abundant natural resources with sound ecological environment and enjoys unique advantages for developing low carbon economy. Since the opening up and reform, Jiangxi has focused on breaking the resource and environmental bottle-necks while advancing the industrialization process, and taken active measures to transform the pattern of its economic development from one based on extensive growth to one based on intensive growth in an effort to achieve green, harmonious and sustainable development. In face of the opportunities and challenges delivered by the green tide, Jiangxi Province will implement the scientific approach to development in a comprehensive manner, and expedite the building to of a low carbon society in search of a green development path that suits the local conditions.




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