Jiangxi Province issues energy conservation and emissions targets for 2012

Updated: 2010-07-27

  The southeastern Chinese province of Jiangxi has issued its targets for energy conservation and emissions reduction in the local steel industry for the year 2012.

  In order to boost energy conservation, the steel industry in the province is focusing on the development of advanced technologies such as coke dry quenching, power generation by waste heat from blast furnaces and on dry dust removal technology, with the aim of reaching the target of 2 billion kWh of power generated by the industry itself by 2012, accounting for 25 percent of the total power consumption of the industry, up 12 percentage points compared with 2009.

  Meanwhile, by 2012 the industry targets annual savings of 2.3 million mt of standard coal and reductions of CO2 emissions by 2.45 million mt. As for figures per metric ton of steel produced, by 2012 the industry aims to lower the comprehensive energy consumption per metric ton of steel to 580 kg of standard coal, to reduce dust emissions to below 1.0 kg and to cut CO2 emissions to below 1.8 kg.
  Source: steelorbis.com



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