Early low-water season at Poyang Lake cause for concern: expert

Updated: 2016-09-23

  NANCHANG, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) -- Experts have warned against possible ecological damage as China's biggest freshwater lake enters low-water season.

  The water level at the Xingzi section of Poyang Lake is currently 11.96 meters, 4.07 meters lower than the average of previous years. The lake hit low-water levels about 54 days earlier than average in previous years, according to statistics released Monday by the Jiangxi provincial hydrographic bureau.

  The water level at the section is likely to decrease to below eight meters in mid-October, said Li Guowen, deputy head of the bureau.

  "The advance of the low-water season will inflict heavy damage in the areas around the lake," Li said, adding that related departments should take actions soon to handle any possible consequences.

  The water level at the Xingzi section was 17.94 meters on Aug. 19, as areas around Poyang Lake endured heavy rain earlier this year, with multiple localities suffering heavy flooding.




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