The Main Duties of Education Committee of CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee

Updated: 2010-01-25

  1. Implement CPC’s guidelines, principles and policies, national laws and regulations, and provincial party committee’s decisions; formulate plans for the construction of the province's education system and provide guidance.
  2. Discuss and determine the provincial education system’s reform, development, party’s construction and other important issues.
  3. Direct the work of ideology and political education in the province's various education institutions and direct the work of moral education in various schools; Be responsible for maintaining stability, comprehensively managing universities’ public security.
  4. Assist the provincial party committee to organize the provincial universities’ leading cadres, make great efforts to construct the universities’ leading teams and cadre reserves. Promote reform on the cadre management for the education system. Direct the training of people for the education system.
  5. Guide the construction of the party’s basic organization in the education system; Guide the construction of universities’ basic organization; Lead the private schools to establish their own party committee.
  6. Promote honest governance and fight corruption in the provincial education system; Implement the responsibility system for promotion of honest governance; Guide the discipline inspection work in institutions of higher learning.
  7. Guide the Party’s united front work and intellectuals work in Jiangxi-based universities.
  8. Guide the work of the mass organizations such as the trade unions, the Communist Youth League Committee and the Women’s Federations in the provincial education system.
  9. Take charge of the education work committee of the provincial party committee, the united front working organ of the provincial education department and the cadres working in the units directly under the aforementioned organ.
  10. Carry out other work assigned by the provincial party committee.


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