The Main Duties of The Education Department of Jiangxi Province

Updated: 2008-08-24

1. Carry out CPC’s educational principles, policies and national education laws and regulations. Draw out the draft of our province’s related education laws and regulations. Study the major issues of the entire province’s education reform and development. Comprehensively guide and coordinate various cities’ and departments’ education administration work in the province.
2. Study and propose the strategies of our province’s educational reform and development. Work out the development plan of the province’s education undertakings. Guide, coordinate, inspect and implement the educational work, and take charge of the statistics and analysis of the  province’s education information.
3. Overall plan and guide the reform of the province’s education system. Straighten out the relationship between the interior and the exterior of education system. Establish the educational system and the operating mechanism that is suited to the socialist market economy system.
4. Overall manage the department’s education funds. Take part in planning the policies of raising education funds, the education appropriation and the education capital construction and investment. Supervise and evaluate the raising and spending of the province’s education funds. Manage the education aiding projects and education loans which are provided by foreign countries, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan, in accordance with the related rules.
5. Overall manage the province’s elementary, secondary and tertiary education, secondary vocational education and adult education. Implement the state-set standards for various secondary and elementary schools. Formulate the basic teaching requirements and conditions. Examine and approve the provincial teaching materials for various secondary and elementary schools. Guide the educational and teaching reform of secondary and elementary education. Supervise and evaluate the implementation of the following work: universalizing the nine-year compulsory education, eliminating illiteracy among youth and the middle aged, developing senior high school education.

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