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Updated: 2014-10-10

  Originally named as Jiangxi Institute of Metallurgy, JUST was founded in 1958 and later renamed as Southern Institute of Metallurgy in 1988. The current name, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, was conferred in 2004 by the State Ministry of Education and has been used ever since. Now it has developed into a multi-disciplinary university integrating the various disciplines of science, technology, management, economy, laws, liberal arts and education. As a teaching and research oriented university, it enrolls students from all over the country and provides excellent educational opportunities to the young minds. It is honorably to be authorized to be one of the five key tertiary institutions of Jiangxi.

  JUST has 3 campuses in Ganzhou, namely, Hongqi Ave. Campus, West Campus and Huangjing Campus, and a brand new campus in the City of Nanchang. It covers more than 167 acres with an overall structural area of over 800,000 square meters. The university boasts its picturesque foliage as well as the quaint, tranquil and serene environment, making it ideal places for students to study. 

  JUST now offers a wide range of courses, including 59 undergraduate programs, 65 master programs and 65 certificate programms. Nearly 40,000 students are enrolled in the university’s 12 faculties and 18 scientific research institutes. The university taps into its advanced teaching resources to ensure each student can develop to their fullest potentials. A team of full and part-time professors, consisting of more than 2, 000 faculty, many renowned scholars and foreign teachers ensures a high teaching and research quality. 

  The nonferrous metals and the iron & steel industries are our national backbone industries, which play significant strategic positions in the national economy. JUST actively supports these two industries by contributing innovative minds. 

  It has already built up a set of highly competitive programs, which include Mine Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Material Engineering, Technology and Economic Management. These programs have formed three areas of expertise, comprehensive exploration and application of tungsten, copper and rare-earth resources. In recent years, the university has performed extensive research in over 1800 scientific projects in a wide range of fields.

  The university is future oriented and eager to extend its academic influence abroad. It has established close co-operations with more than 40 educational institutions from over 20 countries, such as the USA, the UK, France, Russia, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand and so on. The university’s employment rate is top ranking in Jiangxi. Many alumni have become the senior management and technical back-bone to prominent enterprises. Moreover, many graduates have also become top government leaders. The university ranked 63rd on the National Distinguished Alumni List in 2009, and 53rd on the National Alumni Entrepreneur List in 2010.

  As one of the prestigious universities of China, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology (JUST) has much to offer you. As well as the outstanding facilities, resources and opportunities found within an institution of this calibre, the University is highly respected amongst academic and business communities alike – a respect conferred on its graduates. Our tradition of success in learning and research stretches back over 50 years. Today, we enjoy a national reputation for both our pioneering research and our problem-based approach to learning. 

  Since 2005, the University has risen in the influential Alumni Ranking of Chinese Universities Survey conducted by China Alumni Research Institute, to 63rd in China, confirming us as a progressive research institution. Our mission is to become one of the top universities in China by 2020 and the preferred destination for the best teachers, researchers and students. It’s a goal that we’re well on the way to achieving, backed by a multimillion-pound investment program in facilities, staff and buildings.

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