Jiangxi, a literary and cultural paradise

Updated: 2020-08-05

  East China's Jiangxi province, which is full of nature's treasures and historical sites, offers unique views.

  More than 60 percent of its land is covered by forests, which contribute to its excellent ecological condition. Besides, it has several mountains and lakes scattered across the province. Lushan Mountain is a world cultural heritage site while Sanqing Mountain is a world natural heritage site. More than 2,400 rivers converge to form the Poyang Lake, the largest fresh water lake in China, an important wetland in the world.

  Moreover, it has the earliest bronze civilization in southern China and the earliest portrait of Confucius in China unearthed from an ancient tomb.

  There are also other places worth visiting, such as Jingdezhen, a city made of porcelain; Wuyuan, one of the most beautiful villages in the world; Jinggangshan, cradle of Chinese revolution. 

  Source: China Daily

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