Brief View of Jiangxi Province

Updated: 2008-09-02 中国江西网英文版

  Jiangxi Province is located at the south bank of the middle section of the Yangtze River. Nanchang city is the capital of the province. There're several historic events or sites related with the province with sacred reputation in history of the People's Republic of China, e.g. Nanchang Up-rising , Jinggangshan Revolutionary Base,temporary central government of the Soviet Republic of China, labour movement in Anyuan and so on. They together composed a splendid picture scroll of revolutionary history in China. The forest coverage in Jiangxi Province has reached 60 percent, ranking the first in China. Average annual rainfall of 1,700 millimeters and about 2,400 rivers provide an excellent condition for the protection of Poyang Lake, the biggest fresh lake in China with excellent water quality. Over the lake there's one of the largest habitats for transient birds in the world, which is also a world-famous reservation for rare transient birds. Scenic spots and resorts are distributed all over the province, such as Lushan Mt. listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1996; Jinggang Mt., one of the holy revolutionary sites in China; Dragon & Tiger Mt., famous as the cradle of Taoism; and Shanqing Mt. with plenty of unique and spectacular landscapes. Jiangxi also enjoys a good reputation for its rural scenery. For example, Wuyuan Village holds the honor of the most beautiful village in China.

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